So, the long wait for the first “real” Windows Phone update is finally over, at least for most of the world.  I feel for my American neighbours to the south and my Austrialian brothers down under that are still waiting for the “March 2011” or “NoDo” update.  The update itself is nothing special.  It provides a few new capabilities, like copy & paste, and an overall boost in application execution and performance.  The full list can be seen on Microsoft’s official update history page.  The real issue is Microsoft’s ability to deliver updates often and without carrier interference.  This debacle has proven one thing, Microsoft needs to do better if they want customers to adopt and support this wonderful new platform.  One promising development is that Microsoft seems to get it and apologized publicly to the community.  The following is an excerpt from that post.

I know many of you are disappointed, even angry. You certainly have a right to be. We’ve fallen far short of your expectations, and our own, and for that I’m truly sorry. We didn’t set out to let you down. But it’s clear we did. Whether you’re someone who has followed our progress from the start, or are new to Windows Phone, you deserve the updates we’ve promised. My job is to get us on the right path and deliver them.” – Eric Hautala

I am going to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and trust that updates will start to be handled in a much more professional, open and frequent manor.  I hope I am not setting myself up for disappointment.

Anyway, the point here is I am jumping back onto the Windows Phone development band wagon and plan to start posting articles about developing for Windows Phone.