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I have been using Outlook 2010 since it was in beta on my own machines and have become used to the new abilities it offers.  I recently started at a new client site and due to company policies am unable to use my own instance of Outlook to access the provided email account.  I am provided with a virtual desktop that is running Outlook 2007 and I not realize there are many enhancements in Outlook 2010 that I miss.

Once such enhancement is the ability to create rule based buttons to manipulate my mail items.  Unlike mail rules that do exist in Outlook 2007, these custom actions can be executed on demand based on the email item or items currently selected.  Once example of this would be the “Archive” button that moved the selected items to a specified “Archive” folder in a single click.

I thought I would take a moment and see if there was a way to implement this functionality in Outlook 2007.  As always, the internet came to the rescue.  I came across an article on the Noprobo blog entitled “Saving Time in Outlook with Custom Move-To-Folder Shortcuts” that provided a simple solution using Macros.