2:39 PM
I would have to say that I am a relatively new viewer of the famed “Rocketboom” vlog. I only started watching it a few months ago but was hooked after tuning in for my first episode. All the blogs that I have read on the “unbooming” of Amanda Congdon focus on the rivalry between Amanda and Andrew Baron and while this situation must be extremely tough on both parties it is not my greatest interest.

To me, the greater concern is the fact I will not be able to get my daily dose of the witty and goofy Amanda. I looked forward to watching the show each day asking myself, “what is she going to do today?”. I don’t think I am alone in my thoughts here. When people think of RocketBoom they think of Amanda Congdon. She is the show.

I hope that everything works out admirably for everyone involved. I will not pretend to understand what is going on, there are always many sides to a story like this. I wish the best for RocketBoom in the future but I myself will watch whatever show Amanda ends up on.