Recently, I needed to know if a specific service pack was installed for SharePoint.  After a brief stroll around the web I came across a nice article by Penny Coventry that lists out all the SharePoint versions, service packs & patches.

With this information in hand, all I needed to do was determine what version of SharePoint I had installed.  Then locate the same version number on Penny’s list to determine what service pack (if any) were installed.

Here are the steps to determine what version of SharePoint is installed.  First you will need to bring up Internet Information Services (IIS) Manger for the server that is hosting the SharePoint Central Administration Web Site.

Once you have the IIS Manager open:

  • Expand the “Sites” node, locate and select the “SharePoint Central Administration” web application.  The “Features View” should be displayed.
  • Under the section “IIS”, locate and open the “HTTP Response Headers” icon.  A listing should be displayed.
  • Find the list item named “MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices”, the value for this item is the installed version of SharePoint.

* These instructions were created using IIS Manager 7

That’s it!