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I read an article today on the MakeUseOf site about some cool keyboard tricks that few people know about.  This article is more for my own reference in the future (as I expect I will forget these cool tricks soon enough).  Most of these tricks I already new but some I had never heard of.

Here is a list of some of my favourite hidden gems:

Windows O/S:

  • [ctrl] + select items from the task bar then right click.  Allowing you to cascade, stack or place all the windows side by side.  You can also minimize or maximize all the selected windows.
  • hold [ctrl] + [shift] when loading the command prompt from the run window. Allowing you to run command prompt as an Administrator.


  • [/] to search for text. Allowing you to search the text of a web page.
  • [‘] to search for links. Allowing you to search for links in the web page.
  • [Spacebar] or [SHIFT] + [Spacebar]. Allowing you to quickly scroll Page Down or Page Up the web page.

Check out the full MakeUseOf article for the rest of the shortcuts.