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I purchased the new iPhone 3G not too long after it was released to the Canadian market. Right from the beginning I realized that I had never had a better smart phone in my life. There is so much about the phone that makes both my personal and business life easier. On the downside, I recently realized that I am addicted to the App Store. I am constantly looking for new tools and cool extras.

I recently found myself in a bind and it was my iPhone that came to the rescue. While working at a client site a problem occurred on a different client’s server. Normally this would not be an issue, I would just remote into the problem server and correct the issue. On this occasion though, I was behind a client firewall and unable to access the server. What was I to do!

After browsing the App Store for a short time I found a remote desktop client for the iPhone. Using “Remote Desktop Lite” by MochaSoft I was able to connect to a Win2k3 Server and correct the issue. The application was even free! I am constantly surprised by what I am able to do on my iPhone. Unreal.