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I would have to say I am quite demanding on my laptop. In my general day to day workings I will have a mittfull of applications running, switching between them all constantly and forcing every last bit of CPU power out of my machine as possible. This is likely true for most developers. I have Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, IE with a million web pages open, a plethora of development tools and so on. On top of that I host Virtual Machines on my laptop, and generally have at least 2 running at any one time. Of course, each of these virtual machines will have a horde of applications running on them as well. To juice it up a bit more I will have a flock of services running on my host and virtual machines, such as Team Foundation Server, SQL Server, IIS, and so on. Anyway you get the picture, my machine is taxed.

So, today while I was running a build in Visual Studio on one of my Virtual Machines that takes about 30 minutes to finish, building a new Virtual Machine that will host the latest version of Windows Vista and searching Google for some answers to my next development challenge, Windows completed a download and install of the next greatest automatic update to my O/S. And what do you think Windows wanted to do next …..


Well, not only did it want to reboot, I did not have a choice in the matter. So Windows preceded to shutdown my machines and reboot. Beauty.
Long story short (hmm, never mind, too late for that), the installation of Vista was pooched, Outlook was corrupted, the Visual Studio build was toasted and I was just so happy that I had the latest updates from Microsoft.