I was catching up on my blog reading today and noticed a enormous number of post about relating to the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States. According to the posts the NSA has been collection call logs from companies such as AT&T, Bell South & Version.

When I first read this my first thought was, are you really surprised?. As well I thought that the US government has most likely been doing this type “spying” to not only Americans but everyone else they can get access to. The US has always seemed to be paranoid of everyone, including their own citizens. Then I came across this post, that made me take another look at the situation.

Maybe the US has not been gathering phone log or other data on all its citizens, but this is only because they have not been able to. Technology is making it much easier for not only government to collect and analyze data but it has been pioneered by the private industry. We have created these databases ourselves and then are shocked when the government wants to gain access to it.

It seems many are worried about this, and I agree with them, but it looks like some also don’t seem to care. This is the more troubling thought.